One Pump System Replacement Sets

13,4020,60 Tasse incluse


One pump set to replace faulty hoses on your kite. Includes 20cm hoses, clamps & zip ties.

Clamps are made from high-quality medical plastics (won’t break even in extreme conditions!). Tubes are made from the best quality silicone hose and are pre-talced for easy assembly. Inner diam. 6-7mm, wall thickness 1.5mm. Fits on virtually any standard outer one pump system. Does not fit new “max flow” valves, for those please take a look into enlarged diameter hoses.


What’s included?

  • 3pcs, 4pcs or 5pcs tubing
  • 3pcs, 4pcs or 5pcs clamps
  • 6pcs, 8pcs or 10pcs plastic tie-wraps
One Pump Sets

3 x Set, 4 x Set, 5 X Set


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