Nylon Ripstop Adhesive Tape
Nylon Ripstop Adhesive Tape

Nylon Ripstop Adhesive Tape


Canopy adhesive tape to make quick repairs of the kite. Available in multiple colors.

Available in multiple sizes and colors.
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Video manual of how to repair smaller tears in the kite canopy. For greater tears or tears in high load area please use our FiberFIX mesh tapes or send the kite to pro repair.

Step by step procedures:


S1. Cut off to damaged fabrics and fabrics threads
S2. Pre-sand the damaged area with fine sanding paper
S3. Clean the area with alcohol swabs and leave to air-dry
S4. Cut the tape to desired length and round the edges
S5. Peel & stick the tape over the tear overlapping it by at least 2cm
S6. Firmly press the tape and remove all air bubbles
S7. Heat the repair with hair dryer to get better bond (do not overheat!)



Using hair drier on too big temperature, too close or too long may damage your kite!

Canopy Repair (with Ripstop Tape) from Dr.Tuba – Kite Specialists on Vimeo.

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