Flying Lines
Flying Lines

Flying Lines


Prezzo per set (2 pezzi di linee)


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Price per set (2pcs of lines).


Key Benefits

Our flying lines provides unmatched safety and performance compared to other kite lines. Important features of our lines are:

+ 100% Dyneema made by LIROS Germany

+ Colored versions for max. visibility on water, land and snow

+ High Breaking strength at low diameters

+ Extremely low stretch due to unique heat stretch proccess

+ Excellent abrasion resistance which also ensures less tangles

+ Lines float!



  • Colored
  • 100% Dyneema SK75
  • Diameter approx. 1,6mm x 1,8mm, approx. 1,8 x 2mm
  • Breaking strength eff. 310kg or 510kg
  • Extremely low stretch
  • Excellent abrasion resistance, no tangles


Each set of lines is CNC measured at the same time. We additionally pre-stretch lines to 75% workload for the 2nd time, to ensure equal lengths of the lines and best response from the kite!

Lines comes with sleeved loop/loop+knot setting by default.

Custom sizes and different loop ends available upon request.

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Flying Lines - Lunghezze

12M, 15M, 18M, 20M, 22M, 23M, 24M, 25M, 27M

Flying Lines - Colori

310kg Bianco/Bianco, Front 510kg Bianco/Bianco, Rear 310kg Rosso/Blu, Rear 310kg Rosso/Verde, Front 510kg Grigio/Grigio


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