Clear Repair Dots
Clear Repair Dots

Clear Repair Dots


Brand: Dr.Tuba


Die-cut repair dots, made from self-adhesive ULTRA Repair patches. This is an upgraded version of our Kite Repair Dots!

They come in 2 sizes, 24mm and 38mm. These little circles are a perfect tool to repair pinholes and small tear on canvas, tents, neoprene, Gore-tex, rubber, ripstop nylon, dacron/polyester, or on leading edge bladder or strut kite bladder due to our new widely usable, strong and flexible adhesive.

You will find everything you need in this kit to make a quick and successful emergency repair of your kite on the spot!

If your kite or inflatable tent is sloooowly leaking air then this is the patch you need!


Kit includes:

* 12pcs of 24mm dots
* 3pcs of 38mm dots
* 4pcs alco swabs
* 1pc sanding paper


Manual (GB, DE, FR, NL, IT) included. All packed in a nice protective plastic box!

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