Boston Valve Compressor Gun Adapter DG10

16,20 Tasse incluse

Limited serie, precision CNC cut 10/1 air gun adapter (DG10), to inflate all kinds of new high inflation kite valves. It fits all valves with an inner diameter from 17mm to 19mm, like new large Boston valves, Cabrinha Airlock 2, Best Twist Lock valve, Slingshot speed inflation valve, Naish High Flow valve, Crazy Fly Turbo valve, and many others.

This adapter will suit the best professionals, schools, repair lofts, inflatable industry, where a larger amount of kites, tents, or similar inflatable products needs to be inflated fast. This adapter will also remove the risk of damaging or losing the air stopper of the valve.

Rubber seal ring included.


Material: anodized dur-alu

Air gun thread: 10/1mm (DG10)

Fits to valves with inner diam.: 17mm – 19mm


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