La Veneciana – Playa del Este – Havana CU
La Veneciana – Playa del Este – Havana CU

La Veneciana – Playa del Este – Havana CU

Spot Level:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Water:Flat, Chop, Wave

The Havana Spot, which is the base of the Cuba Kite Village, of the Kite and surf school, are located 50 km east of the Havana Josè Martì airport, 25 km from the historic center and tourist heart of old Havana, precisely in the neighboorhhod of Guanabo in Playa del Este, where to immerse yourself in Cuban culture will be part of the true kite and surf experience in Cuba.

The easiest and most direct way to get there and through a private taxi or in other cases we recommend contacting Cuba Kite Village directly for useful and practical advice on how to reach them, given that the whole island still does not provide easy information or internet to be sufficiently autonomous to move with transport.

The home spot is for all levels and for all disciplines,2 bay,the widest bay made of white coral sand with the colors of the ocean between emerald and turquoise of medium depth up to about 2m at high tide, flat with the wind predominant Side Side on Shore (East – North / East), especially in the first 100 meters from the coast perfect for learning to ride and improve your feestyle tricks, then a first line of coral seabed without danger of protrusions where small waves are formed for wave lovers and the first kickers for the high jumps and brave Big Air , then flat or choppy again up to the second line of the barrier at 300 meters where the waves with a good swell are memorable bars. The spot is very safe and no busy at all, most of the time only the kiter guests from the Cuba Kite Village and School or a few locals.

From November to April the wind is more frequent and constant with the North East trade wind and the directions come mainly from the East and North East for a good 80% of the days, a side direction in the home spot of the Cuba kite Village, average weather 28 degrees, ocean 25 degrees, wind 18 knots, side side on more or less all over the rest of the north coast of cuba, then between December and February due to the cold fronts that descend from North America to the Caribbean, they usually last between 2 and 3 days for an interval of 2 or 3 times a month and they bring a more on shore direction from the North and North West, with cloudiness and rain probability, also creating large swells.

From March the most frequent direction is from the east and with days of strong winds from the south, where on the home spot it is off shore but there are several secret spots nearby, ask Cuba kite Village and School.
The Havana beach, the 9 km of Playa del este, is typical of the Caribbean, coral, fine and large and with different colors, brilliant from white to rosado. On the spot and on the stretch of the coast of the local village of Guanabo the beach is wilder and more natural, it does not offer installations for the beach except in the center, but has everything behind it with bars and restaurants and more to be able to comfortably go and walk back and they are open late.
On the contrary, the most touristic coast area called Santa Maria del Mar offers beach installations and some refreshment points, but they are all state-run and with limited offers, more expensive and more restricted hours, after 5pm everything is closed, difficult even for transport, there are no inhabitants, only 3 State hotels.

Undoubtedly for us kiters and surfers the best period is the dry season from November to April, due to the frequency of conditions, warm but pleasant climate, low rainfall, out of danger from potential hurricanes or storms.
Some times the summer or rainy season are good or lucky for some days, and from May to October can be also a good time, Cuba is called the “endless summer island” but the weather could be over 35 degrees, humid over 80%, no to much wind or waves.


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